About Truth Youth

The desire of Truth Youth is to raise up young men and women who have a heartbeat to see their generation saved for the glory of God. Truth Youth meets every Wednesday night for service where the young people are led by Youth Pastors Dr. Phil and Ms. Michelle Poteete. During those nights young people's lives are changed and hearts are turned back to the Lord.

Youth Pastors

Pastors Dr. Phil and Ms. Michelle Poteete

Dr. Phil and Ms. Michelle Poteete are the senior youth pastors at Christian Fellowship Church and also serve as the Camp Directors for the summer youth camp that is hosted Christian Fellowship Church every summer. They have served as youth pastors for 13 years and have worked with young people for 23 years. Philip and Michelle are more convinced than ever that youth are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today. Philip and Michelle have seen countless lives changed in the presence of God and would not desire to be doing anything else. 

Truth Youth Ministries is an action-packed, faith-filled, progressive ministry for young people. Every service that you attend with Truth Youth you will expereince God in a whole new persepctive. You will leave each service seeking God for a deeper revelation of who He is. Philip and Michelle are amazed everyday with the powerful potential that they discover in the young believers that they feel privileged to serve as youth pastors. 

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