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AWAKEN Kidz Ministry


Welcome!  As parents and leaders work together, we can develop a clear path to disciple children to walk in the plan that God has for their lives. At Christian Fellowship Church, we believe that we should "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  (Proverbs 22:6)  With great love and devotion, we instruct our children in the Word of God; teaching them love, patience, kindness, humility, servanthood and a true love for Christ and each other. 

Incorporating such things as worship, prayer time, puppet skits, Bible lessons, and hands-on activities in our themed classrooms, makes being AWAKEN Kidz exciting and fun while learning how great our God is! Look below for a list of classes and age groups.

Preschool (Ages 2 - 4)
  • Meets on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights after corporate worship.
Elementary (Ages 5 - 7)  
  • Meets on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights after corporate worship.
Elementary (Ages 4 - 7)  
  • Meets on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights after corporate worship.
Pre-Teen (Ages 8 - 12)  
  • Meets on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights after corporate worship.

For our older children, we have many "outside the church" outings! We would love to have your children be a part of God's Kingdom here at Christian Fellowship Church. If you have any questions about the children's ministry, please contact Christian Fellowship Church through the church office at 903-796-8384 or email at admin@cfcarklatex.com.

For more information click here.

Men With A Mission

Men With A Mission is a men's group dedicated to serving men in prayer, fellowship and the Word of God.  This group meets to learn about God's Word about current situations and issues surrounding their lives.  As we come together and grow as true men of God, we realize the mission and mandate God puts on our lives.  This enables us to become strong warriors for Christ in our families, our church and the world around us.  Come eat and fellowship with us and grow in the knowledge of God's awesome plan for your life! Dates and times will be posted on our events link.

For more information click here.


At CFC we believe discipleship begins at birth.  It is our desire to disciple your babies and toddlers, not just babysit them. CFC strives to keep a healthy, loving, Christ-centered atmosphere in our nursery while teaching them the love of Christ and love for one another.  This gives our parents the time they need to listen, learn and spend time with God during service while knowing their child is well cared for.  Our nursery staff have had years of preparation with their children as well as members' and visitors' children, and are thoroughly screened and well known in our church body. 
Led by Martha Wilson, the nursery is open each service to care and disciple your children ages 0-3.


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The Pursuit

Our goal is to seek GOD like never before while equipping Leaders to do what God has called them to do. We have a do-what-you-feel-culture and it is the time that we rise out of that and realize that our lives are not our own. It's about discipling people to understand that life is not about them, but it is about GOD and people. Led by Lyndsey Poteete and Taylor Davis, The Pursuit College and 20-Somethings meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

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Sunday School

Sunday School is a crucial part of our spiritual understanding of scripture and today's world around us. Held every Sunday morning at 9:30 am. 

Children's Sunday School 

Youth Sunday School

Adult Sunday School 20+

For more information click here.

Truth Youth

Truth Youth is a ministry sold out for the purpose of growing up young believers that are unafraid and unashamed of the weight and glory of God's love and His burning purpose for them in these last days. 

Designed for teens 13-18, Truth Youth endeavors to teach the infallible truths of God's word and His redemptive work and supernatural indwelling in the lives of all those who believe on His name. God is no respecter of persons, and the ministry team of Truth Youth Ministries knows that the miraculous power of Jesus Christ is available to all those who believe in Him through the work of the Holy Spirit no matter their age. 

In this knowledge, we teach and train young people with the end in mind of becoming men and women who know God intimately and seek to make Him known in the earth; of trusting Him in all of life's seasons and circumstances and to be sanctified (set apart) from the world because of the unmistakable fingerprint of the Father's love in their everyday lives.

Led by Youth Pastors Philip and Michelle Poteete, youth meet every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. Ages 13 - 18.  

For more information click here.

Women of Influence

Women of Influence is a women's group developed by Pastor Tammie Aguirre to unite women of all ages in fellowship as well as learning what the Word of God says about current issues about women, their families, and the world they live in.  As a group, we learn to lean on one another for prayer support while building everlasting friendships.

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The Worship Team of Christian Fellowship Church strives to lead our congregation to true worship; worshiping in spirit and truth every Sunday and Wednesday through dynamic, contemporary worship music. As we join together in worship, our prayer is that God will anoint you with fresh oil and show Himself real to you while allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to you personally.  Our goal is to continue in unity with each other and with the body of Christ.

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