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Our Vision

  • A Presence-Based Church

We are a "Presence-Based" Church. We believe in and are pursuers of the Spirit of the Lord. Through the ministry and study of the Word, enthusiastic praise and worship, lives of obedience to God, and fellowship with the saints, we seek intimacy with God through His Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit as listed in I Corinthians 12 are a vital part of our assembly and we welcome, as defined by the Word of God, all activities and workings of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-4, 4:31).
  • Strong Marriages and Families

We believe that God instituted marriage as an earthly picture of Christ's relationship with the church (Ephesians 5:22–32). We also believe that He created marriage to be the foundation of a strong church and stable society. It was His intent, as stated in the Bible, that the marriage covenant should be between a man and a woman for a lifetime. God never intended for the marriage relationship to function without His involvement. We believe that the most successful marriages are those that are Christ-centered and where each spouse is submitted to God and His principles for biblical marriage. We believe every couple needs the full measure of God's grace in their relationship, as well as training and relational encouragement, to have a successful, lifelong marriage. Our desire is for the church to be a place where marriage relationships are nurtured and strengthened. Christian Fellowship Church will do everything possible to encourage couples to fulfill their covenant commitment in marriage. We will offer couples loving support and accountability to aid in their success. We will give them pastoral support and biblical counseling as they work through issues on their way to a fulfilling marriage relationship.

  • Maturity of The Saints

The maturing of the saints is a fundamental command of Scripture to five-fold ministries. We are ongoing in our desire to teach proper relation of the local body to its leaders and to teach proper relation of its leaders to the body. It is our ability to gather together and to keep the unity of the Spirit that creates the greatest environment for growth (Ephesians 4:11-15)
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