Citadel Bible College is a ministry of Christian Fellowship Church.

The college is a non-accredited Bible College based out of Queen City, Texas.

The program is directed by Dr. Jerry Caver. There are several different instructors who teach the courses that are offered each semester. 

The college began on January 8, 2015 and meets every Thursday night from 7-10pm.

If you have a heart to dig deeper into the Word of God and all it has to offer this is the program for you! 

For more information please contact the church office at 903-796-8384 or



In 1972, when Dr. Caver was baptized in the Holy Spirit he discovered there was more about God than he ever knew. From that time on, all he desired was more of the Lord and to do more for Him, although He had called me to
be a missionary when he was 13.

At 32 that call still pulled on his heart. Dr. Caver found a mission group that built church buildings in Mexico. He joined the mission group and they would build churches in the day and preach the gospel at night. After ten years and 52 churches built, God lead me in a new direction, to guide church groups on the mission field. In 1995, Dr. Caver began a full-time ministry in Mexico and in 2003 God
said to go to Belize and build a Christian University.

Dr. Caver felt as though he had attended school a large portion of his life. Dr. Caver holds three Engineering degrees, Mechanical, Industrial, and Environmental. In 1998, he was awarded a Masters in Theology and in
2003, a Doctorate in Theology. Formerly, the Dean of Destiny Christian University of Belize for 10 years, Dr. Caver helped found the Citadel Bible College at Christian Fellowship church seven years ago.

Dr. Caver brings with him all of his years of knowledge of the mission field and study of the Word of God to CFC. Dr. Caver and his wife Dorothy have been members of Christian Fellowship Church for the past eight years were they proudly sit under the leadership and continue to grow in their knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

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