Leading To Right Places

By: Pastor Ben Aguirre

In starting our new weekly blog I thought I would share my heart on “leadership” and leading.

Paul said it best when he said that, “he who leads with diligence” (Romans 12:8).   To be a leader is a very important role. In fact, everyone is a leader in some capacity for someone is always watching you. With this in mind we should take up in our thinking some simple truths that will help us to be faithful in our role.

Since we are catching the attention of someone in our leading we should observe ourselves in how we are doing it. Poor leadership teaches poor habits to others. When leading it is wisdom to know that right or wrong I will lead. Even when I am out of touch, slacking off, distant, disgruntled and such. This is expressed all the time in parenting. We often don't realize how much our children see and hear and learn until it's too late. We have set the course by our actions and words. I have personally seen many times Christian parents who didn't make faithfulness to Church a priority beg for prayer when their kids became teenagers or even adults asking for God to help them come back to God. It's sad but real.

This plays out in Church life as well. Someone has a position but after a while they begin to slack off or take up a bad attitude. They don't know others are watching and soon begin to do the same. Eventually when correction comes )and it always does) most get mad and leave hurt and offended often taking others with them. They will blame the pastor or the Church but in truth the issue was with them. They did not remember the “diligence” concerning their leadership. 

Once realized we then begin to consider how our decisions affect others and make adjustments. This is also part of promotion. The Lord can then lead us into relevance. Our lives take a better “aim”  in the purpose of the Lord.